November 24, 2020


    In 1621, the Native American Wampanoag people and the Plymouth pilgrims celebrated their abundant harvest. It later became the first-ever Thanksgiving celebration. Yes, that’s how it all started! The revelry was given even more significance because the two extremely different communities joined hands towards a common objective.

    Today, it has been almost four centuries since that first celebration, and it’s no more just a celebration of the harvest. The festival has also become an allegory to celebrate friends, families, and close ones, and show gratitude for the blessings that one has received.

    To make the day more symbolic especially with the year 2020 being a tough cookie, it is undoubtedly essential to choose the gift that encourages, appreciates, and celebrates your people - be it your employee, family, better-half, or friends. And what better than a meaningful Canvas wall art?

    Here are 5 meaningful Canvas Wall Art Frames that make for an ideal Thanksgiving gift in 2020, with the great discounts in the observation of the approaching holiday season -

    Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, these make for the ideal gifts whether you want to give it on Thanksgiving or save it till Christmas.

    1. You Matter Canvas Wall Art : Mental health has taken a severe downturn in 2020. It has seen enormous rising cases of anxiety and depression. Whether your close ones are affected or not, it is always a good idea to appreciate their hard work. Make them realize that their work matters and let it be a constant reminder with this right-in-face wall art.

    2. We Got This Canvas Wall Art : More often than not, it is difficult to conjure the right words up your sleeves because either you are too stressed out or you can’t express your feelings verbally. Let Thanksgiving 2020 be the one where you master all the right words. It’s not only a sweet gesture but also an emotionally moving gift.

    3. A Li’l More Thanksgivings Canvas Wall Art : This soothing floral palette high on Thanksgiving spirit is perhaps perfect to convey the message that you deserve a break. The lively canvas wall art blends in seamlessly with any room and evokes a cozy feeling.

    4. Motivational Canvas Wall ArtWhether a spiritual or a science guy, this is a perfect gift to remind them that life comes only once, one shouldn’t let it pass by. The rusty autumn background gives it more symbolism.

    5. Customized Canvas Art : Give a more personal touch to make for a thoughtful Thanksgiving gift. Whether a beautiful photograph, a movie character, a slogan, or an abstract picture that typifies something profound, create a canvas wall art that speaks volumes about your gratitude and care.

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    Happy Festivities!

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